Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Moments Make Me Happy

For the men and women who put their lives in danger everyday for our country, for our freedom, some giving their everything..THANK YOU!  And for the families of these brave men and women...THANK YOU!  We are so grateful for all you give!

On this Memorial Day, we did not go to any big celebrations, no picnics, no cookouts, but we did enjoy little happy moments.  A simple trip to Wal-mart and a box of sidewalk chalk was all my four year old boy needed, oh, and some new watercolors! :)

My hubs finished up the front porch railing, all that's left to do is the railing down the steps after the posts set in the concrete.  He's worked really hard on it and has done a nice job.  Our boy enjoys helping build, in fact, he'll spend hours doing his own thing with tools, I love to watch him and see what he creates.  He was so proud of this...

so much that he got very upset when Daddy picked it up and put it all in the garage along with the tools!

Speaking of daddies, I got a nice phone call from mine this afternoon he was calling to see how our holiday was going.  Of course I talked more than he did and I always feel guilty for hogging phone time but it was really great to hear from him.

Some time through the week last week we went to check on the baby birds, guess what!...yep, they'd left the nest.  We still got to see something very interesting...

Isn't it beautiful?!  It's the first time he's seen one in real life and especially up close. 
Then we saw the three squirrels that call one of our front trees home...
Well, I could only catch ONE with the camera!  :)

Have a great week!!!!

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