Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of the Season

With Fall being just around the corner it's about time to say our goodbyes to the season. 

Labor Day weekend was thoroughly enjoyed.  My dear cousin planned a big get-together for my mom's side of the family.  There was a big crowd and tons of good food, lots of laughter and great catching-up time.  It was wonderful getting to see everyone after such a long time and a big heart-felt thanks to her for planning and hosting at her lovely house, the rain didn't put a damper on anything, in my opinion.

Next up was a canning party at my lil' sis' house.  What an adventure that was!  Our first try at canning meat and also 4 lbs. of beans.  I'm sure glad we had my bro-in-law there to keep an eye on the 3 and 4 year olds while we were busy in the kitchen.  Although the canned meat didn't work out as well as we expected we still had a good turn out and best of all, it seemed like less work and lots of fun when you're canning with someone you love and enjoy being around!

I am a bit sad, Saturday and last evening my hubby and I did our garden and yard clean-up.  Everything in the gardens was pulled or chopped and burned.  It was getting more than just ragged looking and most everything was finished producing and since we decided to not do a Fall garden it was time for it to go.  I ended up with at least three gallons of mixed hot and sweet peppers so I guess I'll be doing pepper relish either today or tomorrow.

I noticed the past two evenings while we were out burning brush, the moon has just been extremely gorgeous.  I just read this morning that it's called the "Harvest Moon", time for harvesting of the crops before the change of seasons.  I'm very thankful for our harvest and looking forward to the Fall season, my most favorite time of the year! ;)

Have a great week y'all!

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